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All Valley Diesel Service is a labor of love, in more ways than one.

Owned by Robert “Bud” Boxwell, All Valley Diesel Service is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Northern California and Sacramento Valley areas for more than 30 years. Bud works closely with his wife Jane and their sons Nicholas and Lucas to ensure that All Valley Diesel Service keeps running smoothly.

According to Bud, Jane keeps them out of financial trouble by handling the books and running the office. Nicholas is an operator and runs the alignment shop, while Lucas focuses on being an operator full time. Bud himself is a self-admitted Jack-of-All-Trades-handling everything from janitorial duties to the most complex heavy-duty recovery. Rounding out the core staff at All Valley Diesel Service is longtime service manager and Bud’s right-hand man, Gene Luney. In addition to performing his daily service manager duties, Gene runs the repair shop, coordinates repair orders and generally takes care of that side of the business.

For all of the Boxwells, and Bud especially, heavy-duty towing is a passion. He first got into the industry by working for his father’s towing business and wrecking yard back in 1976. He loved going on calls with his dad and watching him help people. Eventually, the senior Boxwell allowed Bud to help out with making decisions on recoveries and that’s when Bud was officially bitten by the towing bug.

In the early 1980s, Bud moved to Sacramento and took over the already existing Auto Service Center, which had been in business since 1956. That’s where he met Jane, an employee at the time. From there, they built up the company together. They started off with about six trucks and seven employees, but by the time the Boxwells sold the business in 1998, Auto Service Center had multiple locations with more than 75 employees and a fleet of 35 trucks.

For a few years, Bud pursued other interests but towing was in his blood. So he began casting about for a towing or auto repair shop to invest in. As luck would have it, the owner of Al’s Road Service was looking to retire and Bud saw an opportunity.

In 2000, he bought that business and All Valley Diesel Service was born. This time around, however, Bud chose to keep it small and focus on the side of the business he loved most – heavy-duty. Today, Bud still does what he loves – working on trucks, driving trucks and handling heavy-duty recoveries. And his whole family is right there with him.

Like we said, All Valley Diesel Service is a labor of love.

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