Repair Shop

repair-imgOur on-site repair shop caters to every aspect of diesel truck repair. From engine and transmission overhauls to all-wheel alignment service – we do it all. Our mechanics are certified in the latest computer diagnostic procedures, and they participate in ongoing training as new systems become available. All Valley Diesel Service is a one-stop shop offering road service, but we can also tow your vehicle to our repair shop if necessary.


Repair Shop Services

  • Laser trailer alignment – All Valley Diesel Service utilizes the most innovative equipment to check trailer alignment and resolve any alignment issues.
  • Tire balancing – All Valley Diesel Service helps you extend the life of your tires and enjoy a more comfortable ride.
  • Trailer repair, fabrication and welding – All Valley Diesel Service specializes in high-quality fabrication.
  • ARI-HETRA lifting systems – All Valley Diesel Service uses only the most up-to-date and innovative equipment.
  • Parts department – All Valley Diesel Service’s repair shop has a fully stocked parts department and our knowledgeable staff can quickly order anything they might not have on hand.
  • BIT and DOT inspections – All Valley Diesel Service is authorized to perform California’s Biennial Inspection of Terminals, Department of Transportation inspections and high rail inspections.
  • Smoke testing – All Valley Diesel Service offers diesel opacity testing in their repair shop or at your yard.

Repair Shop Photos: